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In Government We Trust?

In Government We Trust?

by Jill Martin Rische
October 28, 2013  

 It is a time of fear and frustration: Christians targeted as enemies and anything related to Christianity removed from the public sector — the Cross, the Ten Commandments, and even pictures of Jesus. God is despised in the name of reason and science. The government dominates the people, ruling with an iron hand. But it is not the United States of America; it is the French Revolution of 1789, where a government sponsored and media fueled assault on God preceded chaos and despair.

 Fast forward now to the 21st century and the attacks against God by the mainstream media and the U.S. Government: no praying wanted at public events, no Cross or Ten Commandments displayed in public places, and certainly no mention of Jesus. Humans are the center of the universe. It’s a new millennium but the same old mantra: In government we trust.  

A recent news article described the chaos in Walmarts across America when the EBT or Food Stamp system crashed, giving people unlimited credit. Thousands of store items were pulled off the shelves in a frenzy of fear and greed. It was a “Take everything you can!” moment of epic entitlement. The government will feed us; the government will care for us.  

No God needed here, no trust in His promise of  

“Therefore do not worry saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’…For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.” (Matt 6:32) History repeats itself again, and like Nebuchadnezzar in his rebellion, life will not get better.  

 Almost 250 years ago, the United States was a miracle…the first of its kind in the history of the world, fighting for freedom and trusting God to make it happen. On April 16, 1776, Samuel Adams wrote, “They have attempted to subdue us by force but God be praised! in vain. Let us…under God, trust our cause to our swords.” Under God — Samuel Adams was a leader who spoke for many in America and he trusted in God.

 On November 16, 1831, the Secretary of the United States Treasury wrote, “No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense.” He ordered that “In God We Trust” be placed on American coins because it was something to be proud of — our heritage and our hope.  

 But the End Times are accelerating toward Armageddon, and we have entered the final days when the restraint of the Holy Spirit is lifted and evil prevails. Christians are now the bad guys, the Bible is a fairy tale, and God does not exist.

 America, land of the free, has become the home of the “virtual” slave. The little “g” rules again with an iron hand, using technology to transform the world at lightning speed. The NSA tracks our every move; our phones are monitored; our computers, televisions, cars and even thermostats may spy on us; Homeland Security builds an unconstitutional army on American soil; vehicles can be stopped dead on the freeway with a touch of a button; and drones police the sky like the dark world of the Terminator.  

 It is a “vale of tears” as someone wrote so long ago, and a world far removed from our heritage of faith.

 How can we bear living in such a dark place?

 We have this blessed hope that God loves us and He is faithful. We can still choose to trust in Him. He knows those who are His — He calls them by name — and He protects them. Even as the secular world turns its back on God to worship the little “g” we still love Him, and He is coming back for us. (Luke 21:28)

 In the end, our hope and heritage remains in the Lord, no matter what goes on around us, because we are The Remnant. One day soon everything will change in the twinkling of an eye but as the old hymn says:

             Until then, my heart will go on singing,

            Until then, with joy I’ll carry on.

            Until the day my eyes behold the City,

            Until the day God calls me home.

 Until then, we have His promises: peace and safety in “the shadow of his wings.” He will guide our paths and set a table before us in the presence of our enemies. (Psalm 23)

 We remain “joyful in hope and patient in affliction” preaching the Word “in season and out of season” because In God We Trust…and we’re going home.

 Jill Martin Rische is the daughter of the late Dr. Walter Martin. She is a part of the Olive Tree team.

Olive Tree Ministries, Inc.<BR>Box 1452<BR>Maple Grove, MN&nbsp; 55311<BR>763-559-4444 or 763-210-8291
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