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Hope and Change: Haunting Comparisons

By Jan Markell

May 13, 2014

What happens when people are seduced by government through handouts, government checks, government promises, and more?  In Nazi Germany, Germans in the early 1930s were promised a return to the “glory days” after the devastation of WWI. Government then started to paint a picture of the good life returning, but only if government could become their god.

The Germans thought that was a great idea. They hung onto every promise of “hope and change.” They simply had no idea that Hitler’s “hope and change” would cause the swastika to be burned across the very fabric of Europe. Once it began to be burned, they looked the other way as the “good life” was going to return for them — or so they thought. Hope and change agents always promise utopia.

Obama Messiah

There are haunting comparisons in America to Nazi Germany. Nobody describes them better than Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman. I collaborated with her on a new DVD recently titled “When Government Becomes God: What History Teaches Us.” This is really a companion DVD to her documentary on her life, “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell: A Young Jewish Girl Discovers the Messiah’s Faithfulness in the Midst of the Holocaust.”

But before you check out of this topic sensing this is just horrible news — government becoming god anywhere — keep in mind that this is  but a set-up for the Antichrist. What is happening in America and around the world is paving the way for the ultimate government that will be god. The “Man of Lawlessness” is waiting in the wings. Jesus Christ will ultimately bring Godly government to the world during the Millennium.

Here’s just a partial list of comparisons from Germany, 1938, to America, 2014:

  • The demise of Capitalism was fine and the rise of Socialism was accepted.
  • Few blinked when prayer was taken out of school in 1935.
  • Daycare raised the children of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Christmas and Easter were taken out of the German public schools.
  • Socialized medicine ruined the German healthcare system. The elderly and handicapped were marginalized.
  • Abortion became the new normal and was even expected.
  • Private education was gone by 1938.
  • Government spending skyrocketed and no one said a word. Taxation soared to 80%.
  • First there was gun registration but that was followed by gun confiscation by the Nazis.
  • Free speech gradually faded. The newspapers and other media proclaimed the pro-government side of a story.
  • The green agenda was adopted as it was steeped in paganism and Hitler loved paganism.
  • Government spying went off the charts.
  • Children sang songs of praise to Hitler.
  • Germans were spellbound by the great oratory skills of Hitler. He couldn’t possibly be lying to them.
  • The church in Germany did not want to make waves; it did not want to tackle controversy. Pulpits would never address serious issues or politics.
  • The church in Germany was steered into mysticism such as today’s American pulpits that are okay with Christian Yoga-type deceptions. Hitler knew this would weaken the church and make it ineffective.  Most, but not all churches in Germany, were riddled with compromise.
  • Many pastors in Germany wanted to be popular and find favor with the government. They did not want to offend anyone.

Hear the current radio program discussing this here or here. The program title is “When Government Becomes God.”

A listener writes, “I hope that your listeners realize how important it is for the generations behind us to understand the things that are discussed with Anita on the program. Jan, I am so glad that you made the companion DVD because it wraps all of the information I need in modern day context. Political correctness today is, indeed, a mirror of the beginnings of Hitler’s reign circa 1933.”

He concludes, “I really believe you need to emphasize the paramount difference it would make if younger people could be educated on the fact that we may be today, in America, heading for the same disaster as Germany did 80 years ago.”

The people in Nazi Germany saw Hitler’s tactics as a means to an end. Even anti-Semitism was accepted as it was a means to an end to get the German glory days back.

So what is the world coming to? What is America coming to? Exactly what the Bible predicted. We can delay the decay and be salt and light and spread the gospel while we have time. But government has become god to many in America and that is a bitter pill to swallow.  God will stand for nothing or anyone coming before Him.


Find these products packaged individually or as a set. You can order the new WND documentary, “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell: A Young Jewish Girl Discovers the Messiah’s Faithfulness in the Midst of the Holocaust” here. Find “When Government Becomes God: What History Teaches us” here. Find a combo-pack with savings that includes both DVDs here. Find the book alone here.

Anita Dittman is blunt on this program that she had nightmares when she saw the Barack Obama campaign starting in 2007. She states that the voice and the facial expressions were familiar. 

It’s easy to get comfortable with government.  Human nature wants to be taken care of. It’s easy to let compromise gradually turn into tyranny and that’s a frog-in-the-kettle phenomenon. It never happens overnight.

When the people fears government, that is tyranny. When the government fears the people, that is liberty.

Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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