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‘Frightening’ invasion of U.S. under way“I will tell you that we escaped the Soviet Union, but today the Soviet Union has come to us,” Glazov said “And it’s very frightening, it’s depressing, it’s very, very scary for my family and for all of us to see what’s happening to the West.” But it’s hard for anyone to speak up and condemn Islamic violence without being called a bigot. The establishment media ever says “Islam,” plain and simple, is the problem. They all blame “radical Islam” or “extremist radical Islam.” But they ignore that the Quran justifies heinous sex crimes against innocent women. “When there’s still freedom, there’s always going to be ‘inequality,’” Glazov told the audience. “The left hates that. It wants to destroy America. It wants to destroy Israel. It wants to destroy the free world because it hates individualism. It hates freedom because of what happens when there is freedom.”
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