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Allosaurus: A Creationist’s Best Friend full-grown Allosaurus now on exhibit at the Creation Museum was another phenomenal find. A creationist, Dana Forbes, discovered this fossil in 2000 on his land near Massadonna, in the far northwest corner of Colorado. Over the next two years teams of excavators recovered 139 bones out of a possible 250, making this specimen about 56% complete. It was average in size, at least for an Allosaurus—30 feet (over 9 m) long and 10 feet (3 m) tall. When alive, it would have weighed over 2 tons (1.8 m. tons).  Most exciting about the find was the size and completeness of the skull, including 53 curved, saw-edged, saber-like teeth still embedded in the jaw. The teeth averaged 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) long, including the roots. This skull was 97% complete, making it probably the largest and most complete ever found.
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