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Activists Celebrate “International Day to Promote Abortion” Day Today. Guess Who’s Not Celebrating 28 is not only a day but a campaign designated by a coalition of NGOs as International Day for Women’s Health with its main message calling for the removal of laws limiting or banning access to abortion. “Women’s right to comprehensive reproductive health services, including abortion, is rooted in international human rights standards, which guarantee the rights to life, health, privacy and non-discrimination. These rights are seriously violated when governments make abortion services inaccessible to women who need them. According to international legislation, governments can be held accountable for highly restrictive abortion laws and for failure to ensure access to abortion when it is legal. When women are forced to resort to unsafe abortions, governments are responsible for the high death rates and the dangerous health consequences.” The May 28 campaign makes no mention of the negative consequences of abortion on women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health. It makes no mention of holding governments accountable for the harmful effects abortion can have on a woman or for the violence and death imposed upon the vulnerable and marginalized unborn child. There is no mention of the life-saving impact of pro-life laws in countries with low maternal mortality such as Chile and Ireland.
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