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SHINING SENTINEL – Who we are and why we are here

Our goal is to provide you with a single source where you can get the latest headlines on news and current events that we believe should be important to you if you are a conservative, a Christian, or both. We do not re-post articles (except in cases where we first obtain permission from the source) so we are not a news site in that sense. What we do is provide you the link to the original source and encourage you to go there and read the article for yourself.

We are Bible believing, God loving, Christians who also happen to be conservative, law abiding, patriotic Americans. We know what the future holds according to the Bible. Look around and you can see it coming. You do not need to be a Christian, or religious in any way to benefit from this site. We just want people to be informed.

Most of the time, a few major stories get most of the attention in the national media, while many more critical events “fly under the radar”. If you get all of your news from the major sources, you will be seriously uninformed of major life changing, nation changing, and world changing events happening every day.

We have found that many of our fellow citizens are unaware of critical changes that are occurring on a daily basis in our nation. Let’s face it, life is busy and complicated. Most of us do not have as much time as we would like, so Shining Sentinel is trying to help.

Religion and Politics – The 2 things you are not supposed to discuss. The fact is that the two are inseparably linked. They are the main topics you will see on this site. Just look at the headlines and you will quickly realize that most of the stories really deal with both subjects. As the government’s insatiable appetite for power and increasing control of its citizens continues to grow, it must infringe on our religious freedom and liberty. This struggle for power is increasing at an alarming rate. The breakdown of society and the loss of our freedom is the result.

There are just too many stories to cover them all. They come from a very diverse group of sources, which would take an individual hours to research all of them, every day. So we try to find relevent articles for you. We know you are busy, but we feel that if you simply browse the headlines, you will see the gravity of America’s situation is deeply disturbing. Burying your head in the sand will only serve to accelerate the downward spiral we are in. We must be informed and we must be involved to make a difference.

From a conservative standpoint, we need to stand up for our freedom that is being lost, before it’s too late. Over many decades, brave men and women in our military have sacrified much to secure our freedom. We must not let their sacrifice be in vain.

From a Christian standpoint, we need to obey God and love our neighbors and fellow citizens. One way that we can do that is to get involved and stand up for those things which will benefit society, and stand against those things which God calls evil.

So please, check the headlines. Then support the organizations that are bringing you this news by clicking on the link to go to their site. Then read the article and get informed.

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